AMC Tech Transfer

AMC Tech Transfer
The AMC Technology Transfer Office represents the main link between AMC inventors and industry representatives/entrepreneurs interested in commercializing AMC technologies and/or starting collaborative research projects. Its services cover a large range of activities such as screening of AMC inventions, filing and managing patent applications, negotiating a variety of contracts, such as licensing -, R&D -, material transfer - and confidentiality agreements, as well as creating and supporting start-up companies based on AMC technologies.

Life Sciences Center Amsterdam (LSCA)
LSCA represents the full range of life sciences research in the Amsterdam region. LSCA includes two universities (University of Amsterdam and VU University), their academic medical centers (AMC and VUmc, the highly respected Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, and finally ACTA, which recently opened the most advanced dental education and research facility of the world.
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